Dick Of Death

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When I met him he was nice enough
For a short man trying act real tough in a bar
That kind of attitude won't get you very far
His shirt was open and I saw his chest
A salt-and-peper soft and furry mess
Man, you know how that turns me on
Then he took my hand
And ran it over the outline in his pants
He had the dick of death
And so I closed my eyes
And tried to fantasize about his dick of death
We grabbed a cab and went away to my place where we
Dropped our clothes o fast you'd think we're racing
I couldn't wait to see it for myself
There it was staring up at me
Long and perfect, boy, was I ever lucky
He kissed me and we fell down on the bed
Then he took my hand
And let me guide him into my promise land
He had the dick of death
I looked into his eyes
And let him sodomize me with his dick of death
I'd never seen one
Quite this big before
When he's soft he's nearly
Hung down to the floor
I don't know if I love him
But I love his dick of death

Autor(es): Chris Freeman

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