Did It For The Money

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You can't do what you're doing it will lead you to ruin
From a business point of view
You can't pay your rent coz you're just not relevant
In fast your band is doomed

The spread sheet of defeat guarantees to be
The mutha crusha of your dream
Just because you love it and you live it and you breathe it
Doesn't mean you eat

It doesn't matter what i said what i said or who i said it to
It doesn't matter what i did what i did or who i did it to

I did it for the money! I did it for the money!

I would be feeling guilty but it didn't really thrill me
So i'm just feeling smug and cool
There is absolution it's a total revolution
If you're paid just to play the fool

You can be consoled coz you got it all resolved
And red's gone black again
Affliction or addiction or a victim of convictions
I held on to for too long

If doesn't matter what i sell what i sell even if i sell my soul
If there's a profit to be made, to be made it's ok for my pride
To go

I did it for the money!

I can't help thinking where i would have ended up
If i went a different way
I know it doesn't do me any good to think of how
How it might have been

I did it fo the money!

Autor(es): Wolfsbane

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