Didn't I

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Didn't believe I could stray from home,
Indian summer I was all alone.
And I didn't believe
I was doing wrong,
But I hurt you.
Went for a ride,
And I didn't mean to
Stray from the path
To the in between.
An innocent ride
With a long lost friend,
See I had to.
And now,
Now I can't look in your eyes,
'Cause you'll see the wrong
that I hide,
Now I can't look in your eyes. . .
Somehow I took the love right
Outta you didn't I?
It's sometimes better
If you face the truth alone.
I promised we be
Forever now didn't I?
Nothing matters when a lie
Turns fire cold.
If I was you
I could understand,
A passionate night
With another man,
Well maybe I tried so at least
You could see,
I need you.
She didn't mean
Anything to me,
I knew her from school baby,
Can't you see.
We all make mistakes and
You're hurting inside,
See, I bleed too.
I thought we had
Somethin' special baby,
I know I'm wrong
Can't you see me cry?
If you forgive me now,
I promise baby
I'll never need to
Apologize again. .

Autor(es): Jack Ponti / Stan Bush

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