Disembody To The Abyss

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Escape from those rotten body
It's creation of death, can do nothing
Full of lusts, can't feel sins
Cast you a golden magic ! Baphomet !!

The doomsday to come is near at hand
Welcoming the last of hell, Armageddon
Until that day we sleep in this dark
Cast you a golden magic ! Baphomet !!

Uh ! Spell to nations, uh ! Fire to pentagram,
Uh ! Link with dark, uh !
Disembody to the abyss ! Hell creatures !!!

All demons ! Comin' out of... !
From the abyss ! Gathering !!!
Let look at false creation's the end
Mortals screaming for mercy with a kick
Give a finishing blow, feel no remorse
For our new paradise, Baphomet !!


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