Did You Know

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Did you know
All my reserve was just pretend
Did you know
I was only posin' as your friend
Did you know
Did my eyes play on your face too long
Did they say how much I needed you
Did the words I try to say in jest
Seem to come out soundin' much too true

Did you know
Could you see through my disguise
Did you know
Or does my love come as a surprise
Did you know
I can't believe you haven't guessed
They was much too much coincidence
All those times we met by chance
All where my unpurpose accidents
Did you know
Doesn't matter anyway
Did you know
Someone else has said the things
I want to say
So I'll go
I never should have waited 'round
In hopes that you would finally see
But in case I get a second chance
Now you know just what you mean to me
Did you know

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