Die Glocke

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A secret of the darkest kind
A legion of 62 scientific minds
The black sun did command
Make a weapon that no man
Or army could withstand
Gerlock would lead them all
A burden that he bore
Succeed and win the war
Build a force that's irresistible
the source of their demise
proportions so combustible
Our victims vaporized
Violence so unstoppable
We're born to terrorize
Fight fight for your life fight to the death die glocke
Fight stand up and fight fight to death die glocke
They constructed the device
In a polish mine deep as hell
Tortured steel with the shape of a massive bell
From the north tower to the nest
Take seven of your best and proceed with the first test
The chamber fired a flash then quantum theory crashed
The men were turned to ash
They turned on the machine
And they heard the engine whine
Black technology xerum 525
Magnetic alchemy that no life form can survive
Astonished by this wonder weapon
Twisting space and time


[Lead Mcginnis]

The called the mine the beehive for the wicked sound it made
Near the polish border it was buried like a grave

[Lead Garcia]

All was lost for the Reich it was axis denied
General Sporenberg had a cure to prescribe
For silence to remain
And the Reich to live again all 62 were slain
No one was left to talk
They flooded all the rock
And saved us from die glocke
How did the bell just disappear
And vanish with no trace
Some say it's in the amazon a secret Nazi base
Or buried in Antarctica amongst the frozen waste
Or did it fall in Necksburg from Andromedan space


Die glocke

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