Die Like Dinoz

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I will die from rising tides
From never ending winters
No palatable water
No real food left
Just artificial flavors
But oh my love what’s left is centered to center
But in the middle I will sing your name out loud
And it will sound like this come from my lips above the trees it reaches
And it will be a sound that dissipates
But penetrates all of your senses
You’ll hear something like this something like this
Once in a while yeah once in a while
And you will go, go very far
And you will do the work at hand
And when you are done
You will go home
Right where you’ve been all along.
Well over all those mountain ranges
Across all bodies of water
I keep drifting back into providing arms of daughters
No more waiting
No more telling
She says I doubt man will see
But I mean I hope he does though I know he won’t because
That’s just not how it’s meant to be
But I’d like to stay with you for a while
Though I know our hours are dwindling
And if that fire goes unattended
I will gather kindling
Ill sing these songs
Ill sing the praises and glories
Ill sing these songs into the gray overcast mornings
I will live in story shaping lover curving in each likeness
She words it nicely cosmic copy baring weight and bearing fruit
We’re finding opposition in recycled opinions floating stagnant
And very horizontal and it’s clear to me it’s quite a vertical thing
We all must find our own way home
But to live life like this it takes must practice breaking habits. Born into
And oh my love we were created carnivores and much like dinosaurs we will die
But live forever yes forever in the soil from which we came and well sing these songs
Well sing the praises and glories
Well sing these songs into the gray overcast mornings
Mmmm mmm mm
There will come a great change and when it comes there won’t be room for everyone
To go oh see what’s left to see
What’s left to see?
Merely shapes and land mass shifting
What’s left to see?
Merely shapes and land mass shifting

Autor(es): Nahko

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