Different Drugs

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Every time I go back home
Something's wrong, there's something missing
You're spinning away
From me
I don't bitch, no, I don't moan
But I can't try to fight this anymore
Our common ground
Has shifted
You're standing in the doorway
With a look I used to know
With all the best intentions
Somehow, our cover's blown
We're trapped inside this room
With no window or rear view
And now you're backing away from me
Well, what can I do?

And if there was a pill
We could take to find each other
Would you drop with me?
Would you follow me down?
And if there was a leaf
We could smoke to meet each other
Would you blaze with me?
Would you chase with me?
It started as a joyride
Just a way to let off steam
But now we're running off the road
'Cause you're asleep at the wheel
Which way do you choose?
'Cause right now I choose you
Do you still think of me fondly?
Do you still think of me?

I'm tryna broach the distance
That's growing in our lives
From the night until the morning
Like we're on different drugs

Did I say too much?
Did I take too much?
The temptation to vacate
Seduces us

I'm tryna beat the static
That's living in our hearts
Like white noise that's in the distance
That will only drown us out

Did I say too much?
Did I take too much?
The temptation to vacate
Seduces us, oh

(Different drugs, different)
(Diff, dif dif dif dif different)

Autor(es): Kele Okereke / Russell Lissack

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