Different Masks On The Same Face

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How far will their avarice reach
Constructed entities
Manipulating martyrs by the strings
One mask represents avidity
The other represents all greed
Hiding the face of corruption yet sowing it's seeds

Corruption is king
Corruption is key
To controlling
To enslaving

Neglect equality in favour of policy
Constricting lifeless veins
And imparting disease
One mask admits defeat
The other promises a new beginning
Covering the head of the demon
Harvesting souls and watching them bleed

Corruption is king
Corruption is key
To unlocking how to destroy and remove what's outdated and fucked

Expanding states of awareness
Accessing higher levels of knowledge, of truth, decoding what's really in front of you

Ascend to a deity
You can't stop it unraveling
Your bloodline is a diminished breed

They'll drain all the blood and tighthen their grip
The world is in the clutches of mad men and lying fucking snakes

Autor(es): Sylosis

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