Diggin' The Soil

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Give me time to think man
The future's plain to see
Alarm bells ringing in my head
Smells like conspiracy
Everything to easy the curtain is never closed
Someone might believe this shit
But I'm not one of those

May be all of us are blind
Too many struggles left behind
I don't know why we are bored beyond belief

We came a long way out of nowhere
Diggin' the soil
Tried to find I don't know what
Diggin' the soil
Can't remember where we started
Somehow it seems we forgot
So we keep on crawling in the dirt
Diggin' the soil

We're dancing on the edge and swim against the flood
Our heats are waterproof and colder,
Colder gets the blood
Something feels so unreal doubts eating the will
Bloodless, scared, suspicious
But the horse is riding still

May be all of us are blind...

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