Digital Dope Spoons

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[Intro: Hell Razah]
Yo Rated R, You finished cuttin it up
You finished mixin it up
Yeah G-G-O, Yeah Choco just got finished mixin it
So it's time to call up Ali, Yeah knowhatimsayin
Tell em to tape it tonight and get it to all the streets in Canada
Maccabeez, We need everybody on this

[Hell Razah:]
It's digital dope, Not no gimmicks or jokes
Matter fact, Here's a sample that's stronger then coke
Un-cut pure heroin from off of the boat
The flow is potent like opium in Cambodia
The more wicked niggas get, I'm a spit holier
Got em scared to turn me on like the got a phobia
Wrap the mic cord around your arm and look for a vain
Let my word be the needle that get rid of the pain
When I travel through your blood stream and enter the brain
I even came through customs on luggage or planes
The Best Buy & the Circuit City, Most of em workin with me
Some send their dogs to sniff me, But I'm addicted quickly
You could OD off an MP3
Too many downloads free, On your PSP
So I talk about God when the side of Akbar
You need a bigger hard drive when I'm whippin these bars
Out of state overseas, Now my dimes is twenties
Never thought I'd see the day, That my rhymes is money
Each verse worth a kilo-gram, Understand
If I breathe on a track that's a couple of grand
We got it locked from the internet to hand to hand
Mix it down, Press it up, Fuck the first week scan
We gone sell it black market from the back of the van
(Hurry up, Hurry up, Yo bring some more downstairs son)

[Chorus x2: Hell Razah]
If you a rap head fiendin for some real hip hop
We got it right here homie, Ten dollars a pop
Hell Razah online dot com runnin the block
If you lookin for some digital dope, We got it locked

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