Dippy Valley

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Got a little lovey and she's sure a lovely dovey
but she lives a couple hundred miles south.
I always call her honey 'cos she's got a lot of money
and she's got a really lovely big mouth.
If I had a car or an aeroplane
I could see her every day but I have to use the train.
See I work real hard and I work high rate
now it's Friday night and I might be late

for the fast train runnin'
cos it's goin' to Dippy Valley
and I wanna see my Sally tonight.
Oh it's goin' to Dippy Valley
and I'm gonna hold my Sally real tight.

Sally's really slender and I really love her tender
and she's got a pair of wonderful eyes.
So when she comes to hold me
I do all she ever told me
and I know she never ever tells lies.
Sally said you'd better catch the ten twenty-eight,
it's the last train on Friday and I just can't wait.
Now I'm runnin' up the stairs and it's ten twenty-nine,
got to get real' lucky to be just in time

for the fast train runnin'

Call me John Wayne how I caught that train
but it must have been a lucky man's day.
Never gave a sigh or a blink of the eye
when I heard the driver say:
"Dames en Heren, binnen enkele augeblikken
berijken wij Amsterdam Centraal Station."

It's a fast train runnin',
but it's not for Dippy Valley
and I'll never see my Sally tonight.
Oh no the last train runnin'
that was goin' to Dippy Valley
took another guy to Sally alright.

Singing ya ya dippy dippy yeah...

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