Do Me Wrong

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Baby, I'm hangin' on a needle.
You're so good at breaking my bones.
You get on my nerves.
When I think you are done, it gets worse.
'Till you get what you want.

You do me wrong. x16

Hey, shut up.
Hey, shut up.
Hey, hey, hey, shut up.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, shut up.

Baby, tell me why you have no mercy
You know how to kill me.
You cut me with words
Words that leave little holes
And it hurts oh oh
You can write it on my gravestone

You do me wrong. x16

Let go of my throat and get the pressure down
Throw me a rope and you can pull me out
I've got to go before I lose it all
You've got to know it's time to let me out

You do me wrong. x16

Autor(es): Chris Cornell

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