Dirty Shame

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It's a Dirty Shame
Hope You Really Love Him Babe
Libery City, Help Me Sing

I Hope You
Do Love Him
If You Don't Then
It's a Dirty Shame
You Just Lost Everything
I Hope He
Do Love You
If He Don't Then
You Still Lost Everything
And It's a Dirty Shame

You Said If I Loved You, You Would Stay
You Said You Never Needed Diamonds Anyway
You Said That If I Gave My Heart Instead
Looking Back Is Where the Drama All Began
The Keys to My Crib I Put Them in Your Hand
I Walk in On This Job Though I Was the Man
Never Really Knows Until the Dirt Goes Down
Today I Came Home Early Caught You Messin' Around


Girl My Crib, My Bed,
On My Sheet, On My Spread
Don't Talk, Just Move Fast
I'm About to Lose My Head
Emergency It's About to Be
Cos Something Is Slowly Takin' Over Me
I Gave You Everything I Had
Was Nothing Left to Give
Your Going Through My Man
Don't Even Start to Cry (No)
You Fooled Me Once Before
Now I Know It's a Lie


If He Love You Like I Love You
Yeah This Might Be Alright
Will If He Spends His Money On You
If He Can't Get Up That Night
Can He Fuck You in the Morning
Right Before You Pour the Juice

I Hope He Loves You
Girl Like I do
I'm Not to Take Your Happy Man
No Second Chance, You're Gone
Better Leave the Keys
And Close the Door
Cos I Don't Want You no More


It's a Dirty, Dirty Shame (You Lost Everything) - Repeat Until Fade