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How many times have I told you? Are you deaf or are you fool?
Now gouge your useless eardrum and listen up carefully. Hear me now.

Oh my god, who born this crap.
Oh my god, you are the best trash.

Stay away from everything. You are maleficent.
Stay away. Ro fuck you. Rotten liberty.

Shut the fuck up TV is the wrong way.

How could you show your phony smile hiding lumpy maculate face?
Delete decayed honor

Fuck you. Forfeit all claims to people’s confidence
Fuck you. Iemove the burden on me. Immortal act.

How long are you in the history. Ihe past fantasy is holding your dreams and you can’t escape from this place. Insolence leaves you alone, separated from the scene.

So rip this letter is not effect down to the ground.
Blow smoke. Over this final judge
Fuck you. Nothing left behind
Fuck you. You must be out of your mind
Fuck you. Pull this trigger
Fuck you. Farewell, rest in peace

This is the last wish of my hate
This is the story from my brain

Shut the fuck up TV is the wrong way.

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