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The art of longing without loss,
to welcome night just like the day.
I close my eyes the one last time,
and hope it all will go away.
And there is nothing I can do,
but wait and count the tears that fall,
don't try to fake what you don't feel,
I've lost again, I've tried it all.
So afraid to ask for help,
and still too weak to be alone.
In my dreams at night I ask;
how may an angel break my heart?
Now my pretense has been disclosed,
I try to hide when daylight fade,
my heart is way too easy catch,
my soul is such an easy trade.
And if you see the misery,
my eyes reflects the dying hope,
to turn the time before all ends,
to get my hands on the last rope.
I wasted days I wasted nights,
I fall asleep I wish I never had woke up.
To end these neverending fights,
I fall asleep at night and never more wake up.
In the shadow of the darkness -
I would give my life to see the other side.
Bitterness silenced these emotions.
I rise above the ones who tried to keep me down.

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