Disco Queen 1977

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Nineteen ninety-seven
You could have been
But you were not there

Watching the time goes by
The first generation who always knew
They wouldn't change the world

This is their legacy
Left for you and me

But I don't belong
Neither my generation, we just don't like it
It's got to be rock and roll
If you wanna dance with me
Rock and roll or let me go

It was for this that you called me?
I don't belong!
Let me go!
Listen to what the girl says
Yeah, but can we cross it over?
I guess we can
And how should it be?
Well, tempo may keep the same, but the beat, it should change completely
That's easy, my friend

And strings and brasses got to be switched to guitars and keyboards
After all, it's all synthesizers and pedals

Harder, powerful, bends, long solos
C'mon, let's try this crossover

Hard rock

Now you are here
And we're still here too
Save a dance to me


How I wish I should
But time won't wait for me

Believe in science!
Believe in overlife!
Believe in you!

Autor(es): Paulo Malária

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