Disinterred, Digested, And Debauched

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I unearth the decomposing corpse, splintering the musty casket, seething with
Excitement, i lay bare the dusty tomb... the pungent aroma of putrescence,
Penetrates my nasal passage, revealing the naked body, to play host to my
Morbid whims... an expeditious dissection of the degenerate anatomy, will
Hasten the deconstruction of the thoracic cavity, caseated viscera, abdominal
Enema, the cadaveric paste inspires a moment of levity... i sip the succulent
Succus, i nibble the nauseating noma, gorging myself on the gore, an
Appetance to truly abhor... sodomized by an ingot, shifting through the shit
Clots, pelvic fractuing is wrought... the image of the grumous vagina, an
Amorous sight that makes my erection grow thick, penetrating the dried meatus,
The crepitated cunt collapses on my dick...

Autor(es): Exhumed