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Joukahainen, he is greater
Greater than his stony relic
The vast barrow of Hot Steams
His tremendous sauna stove

Joukahainen, he is gloomier
Gloomier than the dark forest
The forest with a dark emotion
Behind it is the stove

Sneak through the gloomy forest
Look at the giant, make offering
Carry dark soil on your heels
Always carry it all the way home

In the dark soil and in the ground
in the holes of rocks and in swamps
The gloomy creator will appear
Joukahainen from the dark side

A whisper reached my ear and the
Shadows returned upon my head
The dark, dismal and silent god
The sounds of the forest shatter

The Giant's kettle, the barrow
Those dark omens are now bygones
The land is the creator's might
The might belongs to Joukahainen

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