Disney Girls

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Clearing skies and drying eyes
Now I see your smile
Darkness goes and softness shows
A changing style

Just in time words that rhyme
Well bless your soul
Now I'll fill your hands
With kisses and a Tootsie Roll

Oh reality, it's not for me
And it makes me laugh
But fantasy world
And disney girls
I'm coming back

Patti Page and summer days
On old Cape Cod
Happy times, making wine
In my garage

Country shade and lemonade
Guess I'm slowing down
It's a turned back world
With a local girl in a smaller town

Well it's open cars and clearer stars
That's what I've lacked
But fantasy world
And disney girls
I'm coming back

Hi Rick, hi Dave, hi Pop,
Good morning Mom
Get up guess what I'm in love with
A boy I found

He's really swell
Cause he likes church and bingo chances
And old time dances

All my life
I spent the nights
With dreams of you
And the warmth I missed
And for the things I wished
They're all coming true

I've got my love to give
And a place to live
Guess I'm gonna stay
It'd be a peaceful life
As a forever wife
With a little kid someday

Well, it's earlier nights
And pillow fights
And your soft laugh
But fantasy world
And those disney girls
I'm coming back

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