Dispensible Bloodshed

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Sent over seas dying for something unknown,
A hideous sight of all their bodies deformed
Chemicals, affecting their lives even now
The mindless torture of a decade gone by
Unerased and stuck in their minds

Outdodge their fire
Fight against death
Waiting for the next attack
Soon you just might die

Waiting for the pain again
Slaughter of our finest men
Living through this grueling war
Now they are home

A welcome, like no one even cared
Pushed aside as if they weren't even there
With no respect, now they wished they had died
This stupid war they're still fighting inside

Veterans, soldier, remnants of the war
Flashing back, napalm, smell the burning flesh
Ten long years, a decade missing in their lives
Haunting sights, calling them back to fight...

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