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You died at 69 with a body full of cancer
I asked your god how could you
But never heard an answer
No one saw it coming, the diagnosis of stage four
The bravest woman I know
That survived it once before

Last week I crashed my car
And I walked away unscathed
Maybe that was you asking me to keep my faith
You cried at the thought of never seeing me again
If there was an afterlife
Or what you call heaven
I never felt so selfish, it's not what I prefer
I always kept it honest, especially for her
She gave me her best
She swore I was her heart
I couldn't worship the god that let her fall apart
I'm not sure what I believe
Well I think that's understood
But I know she's looking out for me
The way she said she would
The way she said she would
The way she said she would

Autor(es): Jeremy Bolm

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