Dissecting The Caseated Omentum

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[musick - Derrel Houdashelt, Matt Harvey; lyrixxx - Matt Harvey]

Feverishly savouring my sordid, charnel chore, The rib cage and sternum I
frenziedly bore, Skin flayed and stripped as your torso is wrecked, A
grotesquely wrenched cavity now lays bare to dissect... A granular amorphous
mass is all that remains, Of the peritoneum which enshrouds the rotted
stomach, Tubucular enlargements extend across the abdomen, The gnarled cheese
like clumps I now hack... Necrotic tissue converted to casein, Omental bursa
caked and dried, My dissection kit now quite bedaubed, As I further sunder
your rotted insides... Blanketing the organs that once facilitated digestion,
Transversing the dead bowels like an apron over the intestine... A dried
crepitated mound of viscera, Innards desiccated during caseation, I gouge and
excoriate my way through the guts, Now ripped and mangled during
desecration... The disfigured gut now totally wasted, I regard the disinterred
stiff with a smirk, Decomposed, dissected and dismembered, I resplendently
admire my handiwork...

Autor(es): Exhumed