Don't Forget Me

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The Sun Is Going Down Across
The Great Unknown
Lights Come On Inside the Towers Made of Stone
A Muffled Drum Plays
Out of Sight and All Alone
Summer Is Over

The City Lies Awake
And Breathes Electric Air
The Sailor in the Bar
Dreams of a Love Affair
Young Girls Seem to Shimmer
In Fluorescent Glare
Summer Is Over

It's a Never Ending Show
Faces Come and Go
Like a River
You're a Rainbow
Wrapped in Gray
Shake the Dust Away
Like a River

But Don't Forget Me
Don't Forget Me Now
Don't Forget Me
Don't Forget Me Now

The Crowd Is Spilling
>from the Video Arcadethe Owner of the Restaurant
Pulls Down the Shade
The Thunder of the Trucks
Is Like a Cannonade
But Now It's Over


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