Don't Give Up On Love

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You say that a little confused
And just need some time
You're telling me we're drifting apart
Well I know what's on your mind

But what we got is real
Don't say goodbye
We can't throw it all away
Give it one more try
Just tell me why. Is it true?

How could it all be over?
When it's only just begun
Don't wanna wake up tomorrow
And wonder what we've done
Don't give up on love

I can't imagine life without you
Lord knows, we've come this far
Walkin' out the door's not the answer, Baby
Look inside your heart

It's not every day
You find a love so strong
Cause losin' what we've got
Would just be wrong
How can love be gone? Is it true?


Autor(es): Holger Fath / Stan Bush

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