Distant Voices

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Distant nights - awaiting
Different people - waving
Instant dreams - inside the
Global knowledge trading

Distant thoughts - connect in
Different minds - now telling
Instant waves - of setting
Universal mating

Distant minds - exploring
Primal tribes - at war in
Instant madness - scoring
Universe exploding

Shining wisdom - wonders
Multicoloured - runners
Science - be the winner
Scaling down the shimmer

Voices in despair
Calling from dark and radiant skies
All the grief, all the
Pain, in distant eyes
Crying as tears are running dry
But the world is still
All the sadness is ours

Bookends of the past
Passing the wisdom of the worlds
All the high and the …
Low, of years gone by
Turning the numbers into lives
See their names, hear the
In our arms all divine

Autor(es): Hans Lundin / Roine Stolt

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