Distorted Frames

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Mentally paralyzed all bridges will break soon
Headache from midnight to highnoon
By playin' the game fit in the frame
Sellin' another dream duty free
Cheap as you creep over your mental border
In order to reach the other side
Remaining time is getting shorter
I can see your open hand
I see you stuck deep in quicksand yes i understand
Your bloodshot eyes tellin' lies but your heart is true
As the rain falls in blue, like the grass is red
Kid watch your steps
Diggin' in your mental mud
I show you places in your head where your mind rots
Capital punishment for cryin' in public, lonelieness, stress
You've said you're strong in your weakness
Dangerous minds and games, distorted frames

Distorted frames
Is all i see

Life is a big river that flows right through you
Cause mountains are way tougher than you, so
Don't try to fake it cause i can see you play on the riverside
Like a little kid
Can't you see the danger ?
You are too close to the deep and dirty water
Full of blood, from the others, who before
Tried to disconnect
I can understand
You don't like this leading hand
But i can feel you're fighting with yourself
You better listen to your own soul and you'll get old
With a fresher heart beating so hard and so strong
Don't get me wrong just be yourself
Don't let anybody push you in the big wet
I believe it's not that hard to get that done
And before you'll realize what's going on
Distorted frames will fade away

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