Distractions Of Living Alone

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When I come home at the end of the day, everything is just where I left it
No one has called, nothing has changed, everything is just how I left it

I haven't spoken a word in days, except for cursing the noise in the hall
I haven't spoken a word in days, to anyone else at all

And so, as I go, I'll leave my body for you
And so, as I go, don't feel sorry for me
For life is the sacrifice, before you die
And so as I go, I'll leave my body for you to see

A bed all alone in the bedroom
A vacant space where a table should be
Some posters on the walls
The bathroom mirror covered in spit

I have made such desperate attempts to make this a nice place to live
And I have failed, for I have tried to fill this dead empty space with a life!

All this time on my hands
And I have no where to go
Haunted by the distractions of living alone

I hope you'd be the first one to find me
After I'd concluded the past behind me
So hold your hands, over your mouth
And run to tell the others

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