Don't Let It Pass By

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Go on, my little babe, and cry
Lay your head down, shut your eyes
Someday will make us realize
Things weren't really quite that bad
Think of all the things we had
Oh, I know

Sometimes we don't do things right
Lose our heads oh start to fight
Over something small, something trite
Finally seeing in the end
Just how silly we had been

Couldn't be because I don't love you
It's foolish even thinkin' I don't try
Lovin' is a feelin' and I'm a-feelin' it too
Don't let it pass by

Monday mornings could still be blue
Sleepy-eyed, about to lose
Then morning always comes too soon
Finds me lyin' in my bed
Things half-done, some half-said
I love you

Autor(es): Richie Furay

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