Don't Let Me Cross Over

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I'm Tempted My Darlin' to Steal You Away
Don't Let Me Cross Over, Stay Out of My Way
'cause You Know That I Love You and I'm Not the Stealin' Kind
But I'm Faced With Heartache Here At Love's Cheating Line

Don't Let Me Cross Over Love's Cheating Line
You Belong to Another and Can Never Be Mine
I Know One Step Closer Would Be Heaven Divine
Don't Let Me Cross Over Love's Cheating Line

I've Tried to Forget You But What Else Can I Do
When Your Eyes Keep Saying That You Want Me Too
And I Know If I Lose You Not a Dream Will I Have Left
I Don't Want to Cheat Dear, But I Can't Help Myself

Repeat Chorus

Autor(es): Penny Jay

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