Ditty Diego

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Hey, White Flag
You know we love to please
A manufactured image
With no philosophies

We hope you like our story
Although there isn't one
That is to say there's many
That way there is more fun

You tell us you like action
And games of many kinds
We like to dance, we like to sing
And let's all lose our minds!

It really doesn't matter
Cause what you came to see
Is what we'd love to give you
And give it one, two, three!

But there may come three, two, one, two
Or jump from nine to five
And when you see the end in sight
The beginning may arrive!

For those who look for meanings
In form as they do facts
We might tell you one thing
But we'd only take it back

Not back like in a box back
Not back like in a race
Not back so we can keep it
Not back in time and space!

You say we're manufactured
To this we all agree
So make you choice and we'll rejoice
In never being free!

Hey, White Flag
We've said it all before
Your money's in, we're cashing in
We're here to reach for more!
Your money's in, we're cashing in
We're here to give you more!

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