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I saw it all from my bubble on the 15th floor
I was so unaware as I sank into my leather chair
Upon my throne I was known as untouchable
The smoke was creeping in, my castle walls were wearing thin
It took a fire to inspire me to make my move

Cigarette in a garbage can
Changed the ways of this corporate man
It was time for a radical plan

(Chorus) I took a dive
I took a love plunge into your arms
I took a dive
I took a love plunge into your arms
I took a dive
I jumped in with all of my heart
I took a dive

Follow me through the door to the great unknown
Something was telling me that this would shape my destiny
Take my hand, understand you are not alone
Shame on me if I oppose the stirring of the Holy Ghost

Heard a voice calling out to me (out to me)
I have come to set your spirit free (spirit free)
And in me you are free indeed


I'm breathing under water (I'm breathing)
I'm sinking like a submarine (submarine)
Your ocean's so much deeper than
Than anything I've ever dreamed


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