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Sat by the window, widow sat
And dreamed of planes in silhouette
In cloud formations overhead

Oh, you better get there when it matters
When she’s taking off, you will really need to hold on tight
Pretty soon the connection is made
We’re ascending higher and higher each day
And there’s no turning back
Sun is overhead, target’s down below
It’s gonna be a wreck, alright

It’s a risk if you’re flying fast enough
With the rush of blood, you can bet you’ll forget anyone
She understands where you’re taking her
And she won’t break up under the strain
The engine sighs it’s time, we must pull her out
I have this to say to you, I’ll do my best to save you
But I’m hoping I don’t black out
Cos there’s only one way down

Then I wake up in a sweat
Landing safely in bed
Oh man I thought we were dead
Punch me gently out of shape now darling
It cannot be that bad
For all I know we’re high above the ground
And there’s only one way down

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