Dive Into The Fire

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In all this time, i've had...
So much time to deny these stories about you
Too much happening...say "Do you remember when the past was forgotten?"
You've got to fall...i won't let you get knocked back down
Wake up the dead and see through
If you were too cold...feel the chill of i've created for you
Nightfall covers me...i love you too much to let you fall back down
No need to admit defeat, just claim the crown...

There's something about you, girl (Is it...)
The taste of your lips, the moves in your hips?
Whatever it is, i dont know what to say
Never has a girl made me feel this way

So, who came up with the idea to turn out the lights?
The dark feeds from the night
It's insane, no more taking the blame
Things will never be the same and you're scarred from the burnt out lightbulb of an empty room once left behind
Maybe all this could mean that i don't care if you end up getting hurt (don't count on it)
From this far away, your eyes gleam and the moonlight creates a new beginning to a day that becomes a memory...
If you care about me, then you know i'd die for you...


The first time it hits, feels like the sting from a bee
A chance to dive into the fire, new lungs are all we need


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