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Tides of glass, return to ash
In the dawn, we follow the path away from the sun
Shadows cast in wake of the past
Reaching out, into the dark and out of the light
Crawling underneath our feet
A river running black and green
From the heart of the gallows tree
Where the future and our fate
Will bleed into the world below.

Stone to bear the mountain stairs
In the night, we dance with our devils and dine with the snakes
The dead will stare in joy and despair
Rising up, away from the earth, into the clouds
From the eye of the graeae we stole
A truth that we can’t unknow
Spinning on the threads they sew
In a river of the tears that flow into the world below

Over, under, threads of fate
Weaving patterns, soon and late
As in this life, so in all things
The end result, the action brings
The fates will divide in three
A sight that we can’t unsee
We’re falling to our hands and knees
As the past and the future bleed into the world below

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