Divide and Conquer

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Seeking for supremacy dormancy is done
Decapitate betrayers a piece of filth is gone
An endless haunt and slavery in the name of god
Disorder destruction a sacred nation's blood

Divide and conquer

Inducting newborns forced to serve to be under command
Slaughtering one another only in demand
Nothing left to serve either to believe in
A glimpse in to the sky before you die screaming

Subjection, infection eternal domination
Liberty is a dream a forbidden section
Damnation, salvation, a life in suppression
Nestled in the words of fire permanent redemption

Borders, folders, divinity through orders
Disease is spreading through the brains to conquer human knowledge
Corners, orders, living on leftovers
Behold the truth before your eyes
The wings of death are taking over

Seeking for supremacy
Divide and conquer
Left to die in leprosy
Divide and conquer
If you dream of liberty
Divide and conquer
Seeking for supremacy
Divide and conquer

Autor(es): Nick Melissourgos

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