Divide and Reign

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Ships arriving to a very distant shore,
breeze is playing with flags it's never seen before
Moving closer - a bunch of soldiers and a priest,
getting ready for a sacrilegious bloody feast

half-moon, a cross… who cares which one of them it was?

Welcome to the world of hate and desperation,
get inside and choose your pain… We will
ram it down the throat of every single nation
That's the way - divide and reign

Churches're burning… was it colour or their shape?
Does it matter? It does to ones who didn't manage to escape
Listen closely - winners are gone, they had their ball -
from the ashes I hear retaliations call

They won… or did we? I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant to be
half-moon, a cross… who cares which one of them it was?

It's all a blur but I recall: I'm looking up and hear your call
"the perfect war - no war at all"… it's hard to swallow
A night will cover the battlefield to hide them all - the ones they killed -
and all I see and all I feel is rage and sorrow.

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