Divide By

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divide by one
divided by an ocean
divide by thought
divide by color quotient

in times of war
we support our brother
in times of peace
we destroy each other

divide by crew
divided block ta block
me & you
divided by a glock

divide by what you will
but the fact remains
that we wear the same chains

Right! Right!
we are all one
divided by one
come on unite for the one fight
there's no question we define divide

divide by age
divide by class & color
divide by dress
divide & hate eachother
never wait
speak the truth forever
don't hesitate
this is our sole endevour

we're the ones who make history happen
so drop your guns & speak of peace without laughing

every class & station & still there's no question
we define divine divide

breathe! breathe with me
leave your home
burn all you have
let it go
re-invent yourself
don't let anybody tell you how

fly! fly so high
sky below
Lead - Lead yourself
they'll follow
break all the rules
don't let anybody hold you now

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