Divided By Hatred

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An explosion rips the silence
A cowardly act of senseless violence
An innocent family lies dead in the street
Murdered for shopping to eat
Glass and brick are strewn everywhere
A population living in constant terror
The fire burns with immense heat
As carnage strikes yet another street
Is the blood of the women and children you spill
The blood of your enemy?
How will the murder of innocent people
Set your nation free
What kind of war are you fighting
When innocent lives are at cost
Can't you see the child's tear of living in fear
When his sense of security is lost
Why do you still fight over religions
When all they create is brothers divisions
What kind of god could encourage this pain
When we all lose no one will gain
Divided by hatred for too many years
Too many deaths, too many tears
A race will die if the future stays violent
So stop the war, let your guns fall silent
To find the answers to the future
We must look to the past
Stop the terror, recognize our errors
Or our generation will be the last
You can always be strong
And always be proud of your identity
But don't be governed by treasonous fools
To enforce their tyranny
Divided By Hatred x 4

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