Divided I Fall

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Already unusual as we grew inside the womb
On the outside the people prayed
That it wouldn't be our tomb
The time had come to be born into this world
And now we breathe the air
In this new world we've entered
Now, we're here on the other side
Forever together as one
But not sharing sould and mind

It appears I'm the weaker one
I was born with a useless heart
My lungs do not breathe the air
To support my feeble mind
Life goes on, and now the facts are clear
I'm the leech hanging on to you for survival

Now, here on the other side
Though we're together as one
It seems like I wear us down
And something needs to be done
Here on the other side
People will have to decide
Whether we live or die tonight
Oh, no...

We lie on the table, eyes all around
I wait for my end to begin
Will there be darkness, or will there be light?
I guess I am soon to find out
In time there will be no more doubt
Oh, suddenly torn apart
Leaving me lifeless and cold
And I feel how I fade away

My spirit remains in the room
And seeing you're still alive hurts
But I know what is done
Was a heartbreaking choice
Because united we stand but divided I fall

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