Divide Us

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divide us

Words will never show
I´m so sorry and you will never know
So here´s the final chapter
We've got tired of staging
This is the part where one will suffer
I play my character for the last time
For an audience made of two
I guess this is the end for me and you
We can collapse but can´t deceive the truth
Press the rec button and erase the tapes
I don´t wanna be something at your room floor
Covered by the evidence
That is not me there with you
The silence I destroy with my farewell glance
Could make you see what you´re leaving behind
You can divide us
But you can´t keep me by your side
I gave half of me for you
´cause half of me is you
and half of you for me
won´t make me complete
you ask me to live
incomplete by your side
sorry but I don´t wanna be (live)
so close to you to to make you so far from me
the days will stain our lives with pain
then everyday
will be an empty day
your phone rings
but it's never me