Don't Panic (Album Trailer)

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In a world of destruction
Sometimes it can seem like all hope is lost
The things you've loved has changed
And you feel like there's no need to go on
But don't panic

Because All Time Low is back, baby
With a new album that's gonna RIP your pants off
You want good songs?
We've got good songs
Like this one

"I don't wanna say goodnight
The city comes alive when we're together
Why can't Thursday last forever?"

And this one

"2ND song"

This one is my favorite

"3RD song"

The world is a scary place
And the ancient aliens or whoever might end it all in a few months anyway
On October 9th, from Hopeless Records
Don't panic, just go get "Don't Panic"
What the fuck have you got to lose?

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