Dixie Lullabye

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When summers green with envy
Of winters crystal dress
Then well lay down in the grass
And make ourselves a nest
And underneath the heavens
Where angels go to die
Well pretend the world is ending
And well sing this lullabye

Ladida ladidoo
Dixie lie dixie lou
Lifes for fools like me and you
Ladida ladidoo

And the rolling of the thunder
And the fallin of the rain
And the whisper of the grass
Will be our sweet refrain

As we listen to the fire
As it sings its fiery tune
Well hold our hands together
And hang our hearts upon the moon

And our lives will come and go
And well wonder where they went
And our time will seems so precious
When most of it is spent

We'll struggle in the shadows
And our dreams may come undone
And our hearts they may be broken
As we dance under the sun

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