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My arms fall down
Grids on my way
Paralyze them
Grim landscape

Can't see dead boys' blood
Can't feel cold in my neck
Can't touch synthetic gold
Can't scream « I'm so scared »

I pray for you my friend
From killing you'll abstain
So many men you've slain
I can't forget

So far...die
No more lies
Fear, caus' I fine
Learn, take my lies

My existence
Mixed to weird scenes
Leads resistance
Smashing barriers

So Far...die
No More Lies
Fear, caus' I fine (your being)
Learn, take my lies

Hearts disguise fields
Mines in my body

So far...die
No more lies
Don't fear, caus' I forgive (your fault)
You'll learn, to take my lies

Prepared to live with powerful machines, endowed with intelligence
Prepared to live with death machines, endowed with intelligence

Autor(es): David Potvin / Franck Potvin