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What I'm made of is hard to say, the impressions and scars they stay.
I hated confession so to god I prayed not to the man in the cloth no way
I was lost, I was lost okay, we're all lost til we find our way, we're al
L lost til we find our way
We pay de cost til' we find that place, find that shelter, find that scape.
I am made of, what you are made of, I'm just as fucked up.
As all of us but oh well
I hate self pity so I'll take the blame, I came to the city to stake my claim
It was gritty then far from tame, I wass itty bitty man hard was the way
We learned discard all pain, we earned and fought our way
To where we are, where we are today
It masn't easy but I'ts part of me
I am made of, what you are made of, I am made of, what you are made of
All my flaws, all my scars, all my scars, some are mine, some are your
My makeup, it's just, it's just like yours, you and I we are different from them
Can't break us, we are built to endure, but the cost is the loss of innocence
Now I wake up, to eyes that are so pure, so pure, my DNA!