Doesn't Matter Anyway

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It don't matter what you said
In the mind of someone, you are now dead
What makes it bad is they're living next door
So you'll need some weapons? That's what I'm here for!
Seems you got us a war

AK-47, Tomcat, F-11 hardly ever used, tell me what am I bid?
You on the back wall, this is it last call
Better buy 'em now or you'll wish that you did
You'll wish that you did

I know, you know, in this world you gotta pay
It's all for sale, what's your side? You couldn't say
No, doesn't matter anyway

Claymore land mines, anti-personnel kind
Good for lining borders and they're easy to hide
Bury 'em in the ground, only one way they're found
Another fine product we deliver with pride
Swing a deal on the side

M-1's, ammo too, Stinger missiles got a few
Better get 'em now, while we got 'em in store
Good for a last stand, straight out of Afghanistan
If you never use 'em, you can save 'em till your next civil war
Cause that's what they're for


Whoa, yeah!



Doesn't matter anyway
Doesn't matter anyway
No! No! No! No! No! Ow!


Autor(es): Jon Oliva / Paul O'Neill