Dolphin Eyes

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dolphin eyes, i owe you my life.
i filled a thermos up with turpentine.
my super duper sleep-inducer, my extra strength pain reducer.
and if you hadn't come around, i'd of made it underground.
with dolphin eyes and the sigh that smiles,
you turn the jet plane around 3,000 miles.
our younger days, you'd come crawling to my crib
to find your mother's name scratched into my wrist.
and if you hadn't come around,
i'd of scratched all the life out. dolphin eyes.
dolphin eyes. dolphin eyes. the only boy who will ever save me has a space -sister sometimes barely even flies and has dolphin eyes.
the neighborhood kids watched as you and i built a fortress of leaves, trees, and sky.
and when the sunset cast its colors on across the backyard and the front lawn,
we made an effigy of and were martyrs to the night. you're my dolphin eyes.

Autor(es): Carolyn Berk