Frozen Mist


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In the deepest essence of my soul
She caresses my mind and comes to life.
Imaginary orbs creep close to us
As we embrace passion and feel alive.

Her body marvels this elite possession.
Embellished in a beautiful perfection.

You see my anger growing, still you are so frail
Rage builds up inside, there's no escape.
You know your precious mortal fantasies will fall
You know this is the end for you.

The pestilence of your perfect wound undone
I see your lives fading into dust.
Over your empire there burns a dying soul
Incandescence. It gives way to rust.

This desecration, the fulfillment of my dream
This raging power is all that I need.
A rising hatred to drown out your dying screams
Sometimes it hurts too much to bleed.

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