Domino Effect

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Once prophecized...
We slip into our fate
Tears... in our mothers eyes
A destiny that won't wait

Their fukin' ship's about to shink
The world is standing on the brink
Stupid lie gone too long
Eyes now open - see their con

Realization from within
Let the fun and games begin
Free your mind - open the door
Choose your weapon - secret war

Not a premonition
Murder - they've scorched the land
A hopeless situation?
No use to make a stand

Once standing proud above
We'll make the tyrants fall
Their castles made of sand
In comes the tide to make them fall

You don't need a prophet
Or a crystal ball
Just two eyes - to watch them fall

Chain reaction - money tips the scale's
Senseless consuption
Lunacy prevails

Onwards! Repeat the same mistake
It's a domino effect
To the highest stake
It's a domino effect

We're just waiting for the sky to fall...

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