Do not be afraid of death

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NA afraid of death because it is the release. When you feel sad and hopeless know that it is time to break free! (15.01.97)

Today I am just a person with no direction and that this unconscious lost between the worlds and only want to get rid of a devil. They say that at least I could maybe try to get free, but even looking me lose light in the shadows, as if it has no escape from something that belongs to you and you know!

Appear before you as the dreaded creature that looks naive and a deeper look that will hypnotize you into the mind and bringing you the latest servo.

In your dreams IT and you will enter the maze of darkness and there have his soul!

The child lost in the darkness now beg for your soul that is in flames. You can not do anything, the darkness to wait, because it is already in the circle. The devil will hold it and there is nothing that can save it from what is already planned! (28.07.97)
I am only a child lost in the darkness, I am the fallen angel who will show you the way for his release! (30.07.97)

Before his release a child with his wrists cut and left drops of blood on all sides will come to you and you show a mirror reflecting her body bloody and all pain that you had never seen and there you will feel the smell of death. So You 'il take it in your hands pale and frozen, and you walk the underworld of it, thus purifying and you have your body and your mind, making you go back to living like an angel fallen. (02.01.98)

On a day like any other I hear voices crying out for my name and saw a wounded child. She came to me and warm my body and I hosted in your world. She invaded my mind and made me return to life ...

When your body is decompondo It will be up to you to set you free. He drink his blood and feed the children lost in your body. (15.02.98)

I feel that the fallen angel is here, he is in me! I know that when the time comes he will raise the floor and cover all the planet with their wings leaving in absolute darkness. Then everyone will know that he returned and no one escape their justice!

Today after a long sleep woke and saw that my world is dark, all lights were off, but a flame was lit and the heat warm the souls dark. All are now free, all are dead ... (10.05.01)

I lost in time and space, most do not know who I am and where I will not, I am alone and there is no God with me.

I know where is he wants me to be me and protect me from all who try to destroy me and in return he will take my soul to him!

I want to be yours, feel your body and your infernal heat. I will invade your mind and dominate his thoughts. I want your soul to me!

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